President Dr Mohamed Waheed has reiterated the government’s commitment to ensure that the rights of the expatriate workers in the Maldives were fully protected, in accordance with the relevant laws of the Maldives. The President made this remark in his speech at the function held Tuesday evening to mark the Independence Day and National Day of Bangladesh.

Noting that Bangladesh accounts for the largest group of expatriate workforce in the Maldives, the President appealed to everyone to do everything possible to improve the working conditions of expatriate workers and to ensure that their rights were always guaranteed.

In his speech, the President said that as we aspire to become modern democracies, we must follow the democratic experience of Bangladesh, and other developing countries, and learn from their experience.

Highlighting the close bilateral relations between the Maldives and Bangladesh, President Waheed assured that the governments of the two countries would nurture and consolidate those ties. He further thanked the government of Bangladesh for the continuous unwavering support to the Maldives.