President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today officially inaugurated the harbour project for Utheemu Island of North Thiladhummathi Atoll.

At the ceremony held this afternoon, the President said that today was a happy milestone for the people of Utheemu and all Maldivian people. He said that on such happy occasions as today, we should remember the great sacrifices made by the great patriots of Utheemu, who fought for the independence of the country.

In his speech, the President noted the importance of strengthening ties of brotherhood and unity among us. He said failure to do so would create discord among the community, and allow outside influence on the country, and threaten our independence, sovereignty and uniqueness.

President Waheed noted with gratitude, the brotherly relations among the people of Utheemu. He thanked the people of Utheemu for their determination and support to the government.

At the ceremony, President Dr Mohamed Waheed was awarded the Highest Honour from the People of Utheemu, in recognition of the most exceptional service to the island. The President of the Utheemu Island Council Mr Asraar Adam presented the shield to President Waheed, on behalf of the people.