President Dr Mohamed Waheed said that the Maldives supports the temporary suspension of Syria from the OIC. The President made this remark while briefing the local media at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, on arrival from Mecca following the conclusion of the Extra Ordinary session of the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

The President also said that at the summit, the Maldives called upon the Syrian government to immediately end the brutal treatment against its people.

President Waheed said that discussions at the meeting were mainly focused on the situation in Syria, the issues being faced by the Muslims in Myanmar, and the problems faced in Mali.

The President informed of the Saudi King’s announcement at the summit, to establish a Centre for Dialogue on Islamic Facts, to facilitate discussion and debate among the Muslim community. The centre will be based in Riyadh, under the OIC.

President Waheed praised the Saudi King’s initiative in reuniting all Islamic countries and minimising the existing conflicts among the Islamic community.

President Waheed also highlighted the meetings with the Saudi King and Crown Prince, and other Islamic leaders, during his visit to Mecca - including the Emir and the Prime Minister of Qatar, the Emir of Kuwait, the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and the Prime Minister of Lebanon.

The President expressed his hopes of acquiring assistance for the developmental projects in the Maldives from these Islamic countries, especially from Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.