President Dr Mohamed Waheed calls on all Maldivian people to observe the Holy Month of Ramadan with earnest piety and spiritual devotion, in the intention of deriving optimum reward from the performance of righteous deeds and virtuous duties enjoined by Islam. The President made this statement while addressing the nation at the official function held this evening, to determine and declare the time-honoured sighting of the moon, which marks the beginning of the fasting month.

In his speech, President congratulated the people of the Maldives on the commencement of Ramadan and highlighted on the auspicious nature of this blessed month. He also collectively congratulated all the Leaders of Islamic nations and International Islamic organisations. The President also underlined the significance of state-run programmes conducted recurrently to revive the spirit of the Holy Month.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President noted how aptly Maldivians had made preparations in advance for Ramadan, and mentioned various governmental efforts underway to ease these preparations. In this regard, he spoke on the level of progress achieved in the reconstruction of mosques nationwide. The President also reassured the Maldivian people that the Government has taken drastic steps against the upsurge of commodity prices, with the cost of general food items being the principal focus for its price-control measures.

In his speech, the President highlighted that from the earliest of times, Maldivians had remained steadfast in practising Islamic faith, and that they had consistently preserved the long-standing sanctity of their religion by showing exemplarily high regard for its moral values and teachings. The President pointed out that Maldivians had always mirrored fine social etiquette and civil obedience in their daily conduct and actions. President Waheed also noted that the universal aim of establishing all laws and legislations in all countries is, to ensure the general welfare and security of its people.

In conclusion, the President advised his people to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the National Constitution, since it is in doing so, that national peace and harmony are secured.