President Dr Mohamed Waheed has last evening officially opened the Social Centre in Huraa of Kaafu Atoll. Speaking at the ceremony, the President said that his administration was committed to continue working patiently, with the people, as one team.

In his speech, the President said that the government would stay steadfast in carrying out its duties and assured that the government would not step back. The President also said that the international community would not be deceived by the efforts being made by some individuals trying to create an inappropriate scenario about the political climate in the country.

President Waheed praised the unity among the people of Huraa, noting that the serenity, peace and the people’s satisfaction depended on the companionship and humanity within the community, and the sustenance of peace and harmony. The President further noted that we are one family bound together by one ethnic background, one religion, and one mother tongue.

President Waheed also highlighted the theme of this year’s World Population Day - Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services; which was marked yesterday. The President noted with admiration, the active participation of the women of Huraa, in organizing the ceremony, saying that it was an example of the women’s participation in society.