President Dr Mohamed Waheed has this afternoon arrived back from his visit to Rio de Janeiro, to attend the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20. On arrival at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the President met with the local media, and shared with them, the accomplishments of the Rio+20 Summit.

The President said that Rio+20 had brought renewed attention to the challenges faced by smaller countries, noting that the protection and the preservation of the seas were highly emphasised at the summit.

The President said that discussions at the summit were focused on ways to achieve sustainable development in a way that took into account the economic, social and environmental factors. The President also revealed the decision made at the summit, to hold a sustainable development conference for smaller countries, in the year 2014.

In his speech, the President stated that sustainable development goals would be set in the next few years, and that developing countries were now focused on achieving their millennium development goals.

President Waheed further highlighted his opportunity to meet a number of Heads of State, during this visit to Rio. The President said that the world leaders were supportive of the government, and that they encouraged peaceful dialogue among all parties.

Following his statement, President Dr Mohamed Waheed answered questions posed to him at the press conference.