At today’s cabinet meeting, the members decided to establish a Public Relations Corporation to carryout government advertising and marketing activities.

The cabinet members agreed that, in line with government’s policy to carryout similar tasks under a one particular office, it would be more efficient if the Corporation undertook all the advertising and marketing activities of the government.

The cabinet also decided that the Public Relations Corporation will be responsible for publishing the government gazette and other official publications, as well as event management for government offices.

At today’s cabinet meeting, the members also discussed policies and strategies needed to continue air navigation services of Maldives within International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards.

After deliberating on the matter, the members decided to separate area control services and terminal control services from the Maldives Airports Company Ltd, and to provide those services by the State.

However, the Civil Aviation Department would continue to play the role of regulator and focal point for ICAO and other such international organisations.