President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that the measures taken by the government, in the last 100 days had encouraged unity among the people, and instilled national spirit.

The President made this remark at the press conference held this afternoon, to mark the first 100 days since his assumption of office as the President of Maldives.

In his press statement, President Waheed said that in the last 100 days, he had put in his maximum efforts in serving the people most dedicatedly. The President noted that the state of the country was not at an optimum, at the time of his assumption of office. Continuing on, the President said that the whole country had been politically divided and disharmonised, and that the economy was at an extremely low point.

Stating that a lot was still needed to establish and strengthen a modern democratic system in the Maldives, the President said that he would not take a step back in accomplishing it.

The President also said that his government respected all independent institutions established under the constitution, their reports, and decisions. The President reiterated that he would not influence any of the independent institutions or the judiciary of the country.

Noting that the biggest challenge the country faced today was that of the economic state, President Waheed said that a lot was required to stabilize the fiscal state of the country, and that a good number of measures had already been taken. The President also said that the country was facing a time of weakened social and moral values as well.

Referring to ways of overcoming the current social issues, the President said that one of the most important steps was to establish an efficient justice system, and ensure peace and order in the country.

Speaking in this regard, the President assured that his government would not pardon an offender, or prosecute an innocent, to achieve political motives. The President also assured that the state would not back down in upholding the rule of law.

Following his press statement, President Waheed answered questions posed to him by the media, regarding the challenges faced in the first 100 days as President.