Continuing his ongoing tour to Thiladhummathi Atoll, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed yesterday visited four islands of North Thiladhummathi Atoll.

Yesterday he visited Filladhoo, Kelaa, Molhadhoo and Ihavandhoo of North Thiladhummathi Atoll.

During his visits to all four islands, he was given a warm welcome by the people. He met with the people of the islands and enquired about their well-being and the development of the islands. He also exchanged the greetings of Eid with the people and participated in Eid celebrations in the islands.

In addition, during his visit to Ihavandhoo, he sought information on the preparations being made by the island to mark this year’s Fishermen’s Day. Official celebrations to mark this year’s Fishermen’s Day will be held in Ihavandhoo.

The Vice President will return to Malé tomorrow morning, after concluding his tour.