President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that, the internal affairs within the MDP had always been an obstacle for fresh, young leaders to come out through the party. The President made this statement while addressing the people of Nolhivaram this afternoon.

In his speech, the President said that he had played a major role in founding the MDP, and that however, was forced to leave the party later. He said that the discord that had risen within the MDP now was caused by the administrative inefficiencies that had always been an issue within the party. Speaking in this regard, the President expressed his hopes that MDP would be able to resolve those issues, and move forward.

In his address to the people of Nolhivaram, President Waheed highlighted the people’s concerns, and assured that the government would look into them and necessary measures would be taken, according to fiscal availability.

Noting the improvement achieved by Nolhivaram School in the past few years, the President congratulated the school management, teachers and parents. In his speech, the President said that apart from the efforts made for urban development, improving our moral values and establishing unity among us was vital for real development to be brought to the islands.