Speaking at the opening of the ‘Democracy Fair 2009’, President Mohamed Nasheed has stressed the importance of a governance system aimed for the betterment of the people. He also reiterated his administration’s commitment to establish such a system in the Maldives.

The President said that the policies of his government were not merely aimed for the citizens currently living, but also for the benefit of future generations.

In his speech, the President focused on the powers and responsibilities of the President specified in the Constitution. He noted that it is the President’s responsibility to implement the provisions of the Constitution and the law, as well as to promote compliance by organs of the State.

At the opening of ‘Democracy Fair 2009, President Nasheed launched the “National Framework for Development 2009-2013” and the “First Year of Democratic Government”.

President Nasheed and Madam Laila Ali visited the stalls at the fair.

Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Speaker of the People’s Majlis, Abdulla Shahid also spoke at the opening ceremony.