President Dr Mohamed Waheed has called on the people not to support and cooperate with strife inciters. The President made this appeal while addressing the people of Fuvahmulah this evening, as part of his current visit to the island.

Noting that there were a few people constantly trying to create conflict and discord among the people, President Waheed said that such acts should never be tolerated.

In his speech, the President stressed that civil disorder has never been experienced in the Maldives, and that unethical political competition has never beneficial to a country.

Speaking in this regard, the President noted that the political disagreements in Fuvahmulah were peacefully resolved through dialogue. He also said as the Maldives was too deeply united for it to be threatened with the risk of division, and that the people of Maldives would not accept people who try to create disharmony.

In his speech, President Waheed also spoke on the government’s plans for the development of Fuvahmulah. He said the government plans to build a sports fields in the island, as well as create more job opportunities and higher education opportunities for the youth.

The President also said that the government was working to tackle the problem of beach erosion, as well as establish proper water and sewerage systems in the island.

In his speech, the President reassured that his government would respect the constitutional rights of the people. Further, the President stated that “people stood up against the former government because it challenged democracy”.