President Nasheed has said while criticizing the government is important deliberate obstruction of its administration is unwise and unacceptable.

The President was speaking in this regard at a function held in Addu atoll, at a time when some opposition members of the People’s Majlis were pushing for a no-confidence vote against the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ahmed Shaheed.

In his speech, the President acknowledged the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Foreign Minister Shaheed, in securing external aid, investment, and trade for the Maldives.

The President’s speech was largely focused on the government’s developmental plans for the South Province.

He said the government had a vision for Addu atoll which, he said, was based on the policy of decentralization.

The function, which was held in Hithadhoo on Saturday, saw the signing of two memorandums of understanding.

Suzlon Energy and Southern Utilities Limited signed an MoU to provide electricity using wind energy, while Maldive Gas and Southern Utilities Limited signed an MoU to provide gas to the province.