President Dr Mohamed Waheed today met with Mr Martine Chungong, Inter Parliamentary Union’s Director of Programmes.

During an earlier meeting held last week, Mr Chungong explained to the President that the purpose of his visit was to the Maldives was to gather information on the current situation and to identify ways the IPU could assist the Maldives.

Speaking at today’s meeting, Mr Chungong said he received full cooperation and support from all concerned parties.

He further praised the President for his efforts to resolve the current political issues in the country. He noted the importance of dialogue and the need for all political parties to take part in the discussions.

Briefing Mr Chungong on the political situation, the President noted that no member of the Majlis was under arrest. He also expressed hope that Majlis Members would speed up the work on the many legislations that needed to be passed by the Majlis.