President Mohamed Nasheed has said that Maldivian youth are unable to find work, not because of shortage of jobs in the labour market, but simply because they do not have the necessary skills required for the jobs. The President made this statement at the opening ceremony of the “Establishing an Apprenticeship and Industry Linkage System for Maldives” forum.

At the ceremony held at Traders Hotel this morning, the President noted that despite 27% of our youth being school leavers, there are more than 73000 registered expatriate labourers in the Maldives, out of which about 28000 are skilled or semi skilled.

Speaking in this regard, President Nasheed highlighted the national skills development programme “Hunaru”, which aims to train more than 8100 youth through out 2011 and 2012. He expressed his hopes for the apprentice programme to increase capacity in sustainably maintaining the “Hunaru” programme, and further in-build skills training in to the Maldivian education system.