President Nasheed has said that the government would carry on with its plan to collect the 25 US Dollar development charge from every passenger, and it should be collected with consent from the Parliament. The President made these remarks at the ground-breaking ceremony of the new terminal of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Nasheed said bringing in a global presence is key to the economic progress of the country. He added that GMR is one of the fastest growing and successful infrastructure enterprises and that newer technology and newer methods are a necessity in addressing the need to modernize and expand the Male’ International Airport.

In his speech, the President gave assurance to the people on beneficial results of development via foreign investments and employment of global trade partners in the Maldives, in accordance with Maldivian laws and regulations.

The President revealed that the existing Airport terminal could accommodate one million passengers, and following the upgrade the figure would increase by fivefold as well.

The President reiterated that allocating a sum of 500 million Rufiyaa from the government budget for development of airport facilities would only serve to restrain the revenue. The President further revealed that following the refurbishment, income revenue was expected to increase by three fold as well.

In conclusion of his speech, President Mohamed Nasheed reaffirmed the government’s commitment towards the development of Maldives and development of local resources and facilities for a more successful future.