The President has marked out a number of certain challenges faced in the sustainable attempt to combat drug epidemics in the Maldives. In his weekly radio address today, the President revealed these challenges, speaking from the island of Dhidhoo on his current visit to the Atolls of Haa Alif and Haa Dhaalu.

Speaking in this regard, the President noted that one of the five key promises of the government is to reduce drug abuse in the country and expand the ways by which treatment and rehabilitation are provided to recovering addicts. The President also mentioned that many alleged users and dealers of drugs have been jailed since 2008 under several nationwide operations conducted to identify the main leaders of drug trade in the Maldives. He further revealed that 15 offenders convicted of drug trafficking have been released into the society prior to the date of prosecution, and that sadly the date is not even confirmed yet. He expressed his hope that these offenders would soon be put on trial.

In his weekly radio address today, the President also drew on the importance of celebrating ‘World Elders’ Day’ tomorrow. In view of the slogan of this year’s ‘World Elders’ Day’- ‘Challenges and Prospects of an Increasing Ageing Population’, the President expressed his joy that the ageing population in the Maldives today enjoys many health and social benefits provided as a result of governmental policies, notably the ‘Madhana’ network. The President also stressed on the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene with increasing age, as this would reduce the incidences of several chronic diseases and long-term ailments in the future.