President Mohamed Nasheed has today briefed the media on the government’s decision to categorise government offices into four areas, based on the main core functions carried out by them.

The four areas are:

1. Policy making institutions mandated to formulate policy and to provide the coordination, direction, guidance and advise necessary for their implementation

2. Implementing institutions mandated to implement policies through the most effective use of the budget and resources at hand

3. Regulatory institutions responsible for setting standards, and to ensure that government policies are implemented in accordance with laws, regulations and international standards

4. Service Delivery institutions responsible for providing services to the public as required by the constitution, the law and government policy

The President said that the government proposed to the Civil Service Commission to allocate the Civil service positions as per the functional categories.

Minister of State for Finance and Treasury, Mr Ahmed As-ad was also present at the press conference. Both the President and Mr As-ad took questions from the media.