The Seychelles can learn from Maldivian techniques and increase potential to develop the productivity of the fisheries industry in Seychelles, President Mohamed Nasheed has said in a Press Conference following his visit to the neighbouring island nation.

“We want to see how we will be able to work with Seychelles to share knowledge, techniques and Maldivian fishing skills to proceed with advancement of regional trade,” said President Nasheed.

Tuna fishing and other fishing activities currently accounts for the livelihood of a large percentage of the Maldivian population.

President Nasheed said the two small island states share commonalities and a joint collaboration would improve the productivity of the Seychelles fisheries sector which at present outsources fishing licences to other countries. During the President’s visit, the two countries have discussed developing a maritime company in the Maldives in order to encourage trade between Seychelles and the Maldives and advance economic growth.

 At the Press Conference, President Nasheed addressed issues on economic recession and foreign exchange shortage in the Maldives, and the remarkable economic recovery of the Seychelles following the turnaround of economic policies of Seychelles, including foreign exchange, market liberalisation and floating of the rupee.

Further, President Nasheed said the main motive for the delegations trip was to garner support for athletes, and in turn support the development of our youth, in their training and sporting events.

He further expressed that is was up to the athletes to rise to the occasion and to do their best for a victory for the people of Maldives in the Indian Ocean Island Games.