President Mohamed Nasheed has this morning officially opened Hiriya School. The school was officially inaugurated with the unveiling of the name of the school by the President.

After the inauguration, the President hoisted the national flag, while the Japanese Ambassador Mr Kunio Takahashi hoisted the Japanese flag and Minister of Education Dr Musthafa Luthfee hoisted the school flag.

Hiriya School is the second all girls school in the Maldives. The school was built under Japanese government assistance.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President expressed his great appreciation to the government and people of Japan for the generous assistance to the Maldives. He especially noted Japanese assistances to the Maldives in the fields of education.

In his speech, the President called on everyone to make best use of Hiriya School. He also said the cooperation of students, teachers and parents were important to produce better results.

Further, the President said that a government could only provide opportunities and that it was upto individuals to work to improve their lives.

Stressing that the government accorded a high priority to assist children from needy families, the President said it was now necessary to find ways to assist those children.

Focusing on the government’s efforts to improve education in the Maldives, the President said operating schools in single sessions would be a key step towards this goal.

After opening the school, the President toured the school and signed the Guest Book.