Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has last night inaugurated Justice Society of Maldives at a function held at the Social Centre.

Speaking at the function, Dr Waheed said that the responsibility of upholding justice was lies not only on law enforcers but also on many other parties and individuals.

He also said that the Sate, the Government, the People’s Majlis and the High Court should all work to provide the basic rights stipulated in the Constitution.

Further, Dr Waheed said as part of the government’s efforts to deliver its pledges, there were many issues related to justice that needed to be addressed. Speaking in this regard, he said all citizens had an equal right to public funds and an equal opportunity to benefit from those funds.

Highlighting that many changes were taking place to the national economic policy, Dr Waheed said the basis of those changes were justice.

Stating that it was a great pleasure for him to open the Justice Society of Maldives, Dr Waheed said he was confident that the Society would work to find solutions to complaints of injustice. He also expressed his hope that the Society would contribute great services.