As the first leg of the tour President Mohamed Nasheed began to Thaa Atoll this afternoon, he has visited Dhiyamigili.

During the visit to Dhiyamigili, the President met with Dhiyamigili Island Council and discussed the delivery of government services through island council, and ongoing and proposed development programmes in the island.

He urged the council to plan the development of the island with people’s participation and said the people should be made aware of the matters being discussed by the council as well as the council’s decisions on the matters related to the island.

The President assured the council of the government’s support for the council’s programmes in the island.

Further, the President appealed the Island Council to work with the school and the people of the island to improve the standard of education and exam results of the island school.

Before concluding the visit to Dhiyamigili, the President visited the island’s waste management centre built with the aid from Australian Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross.

At the meeting with the council, the President asked the council to devise a sustainable system of waste disposal that makes the best use of the waste management centre in the island.

The President also visited Dhiyamigili School.