The National Crime Prevention Committee has held a joint meeting with Clemency Board, Parole Board, Drug Treatment Committee and the Department of Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation and Services (DDPRS) today.

At the meetings, Ameen Faisal, the Chairperson of the National Crime Prevention Committee underscored the need for the support of these institutions in the government’s efforts to prevent serious and organised crime in the Maldives.

He added that the mandate of these state and government bodies to rehabilitate offenders back into the society required the Committee to meet with all four institutions together to discuss issues of mutual concern and overlapping issues in addressing the problem of increasing crime rate.

Representatives from all four institutions concurred that the work of the National Crime Prevention Committee was essential to resolve the issue of increasing incidence of serious and organised criminal activities.

They also assured of their cooperation and assistance to the Committee, noting that the convicts released on parole or under clemency should be clear of any pending cases against them.

The National Crime Prevention Committee is scheduled to meet Human Rights Commission of the Maldives and Police Integrity Commission tomorrow.