The new Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives, Mr D.M. Mulay, presented his Credentials to the President. The ceremony was held at the President’s Office this morning.

The President congratulated High Commissioner Mulay on his appointment. He noted that Maldives and India enjoyed close friendly relations and that continued cooperation and assistance had enhanced these ties over the years. The President highlighted the important role that India had played in the social and economic development of the Maldives and pointed out that India had always been amongst the first countries to extend assistance to the Maldives at hours of need. He said that the Maldives valued India’s friendship and was committed to forge even closer relations in the years ahead.

High Commissioner Mulay assured the President of India’s continued commitment towards developmental endeavours in the Maldives during his tenure. He also commended the development projects initiated by President Nasheed’s government, and expressed his confidence that the Maldives would attain further development during President Nasheed’s tenure. High Commissioner Mulay praised the President for the great importance that he attached to make the Maldives the first carbon neutral country in the world and highlighted India’s support towards this endeavour.