Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has encouraged employers to facilitate employment opportunities for the youth.

He made this statement while speaking after launching the employment registry, which was placed on the occasion of International Youth Day.

In his speech, Dr Waheed said that it was estimated that a number of youths were unemployed while 78,000 jobs in the Maldives were taken by expatriates.

He further said that given that a high proportion of the country’s population were youths, encouraging youth employment was vital for the peace and prosperity of the country. He also stressed that idleness due to unemployment among youths were creating various problems. He therefore called on all the youths seeking for jobs to register themselves in the employment registry.

Dr Waheed also highlighted that 12th August which marks the International Youth Day would be celebrated all over the country. He added that the events of 12 August 2004 reflected spirit of freedom of Maldivian youth and their courageous struggle for reform.