Meeting the people of Vilufushi of Thaa Atoll this afternoon, President Mohamed Nasheed has said people’s participation in shaping their development was paramount to ensure sustainable development of the country.

He said sustainable development of the islands was not possible unless people’s opinions were not heard during the decision making process of a programme. The President said people’s voices could only be heard through an island council backed by the people.
Vilufushi is one of the most severely affected islands by the 2004 tsunami.
Underlining the government’s pledge to provide affordable housing for all, the President said the government would this year build the houses allocated to the island through tsunami housing project and the government’s housing programme.
Among other programmes planned for the development of Vilufushi, the President said, telemedicine services would be established in the island’s health center this year.
In addition, the President revealed that the all the preparations were made and funding included in the budget to implement the island’s commercial harbour development project once the island council was elected.
After concluding the visit to Vilufushi, President Nasheed visited Gaadhiffushi of Thaa Atoll this afternoon.
Speaking in the island the President reiterated the government’s commitment to the development of the island despite its small population.
The President has returned to Male’, this evening, after concluding his tour to some islands of Faafu, Dhaalu and Thaa atolls, that he began on Saturday.