President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government is hopeful of closing contract for the transport network on 7 August.

The President made this statement while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of a children’s park in Hoarafushi of North Thiladhunmathi atoll. Hoarafushi Children’s Park was inaugurated by Madam Laila Ali.

In his speech, the President spoke on the developmental programmes undertaken for the atolls and how the government planned to implement those programmes.

The President said the government was spending 170 million Rufiyaa for 18 thousand households across the country, which included 300 households of Hoarafushi. He added that the 170 million Rufiyaa was the 2000 Rufiyaa allowance which the government was giving to people over 65 years.
Speaking on the importance of reducing wastage and identifying priority areas, the President stressed the need for systematic and planned development.

The President said the tender deadline for Hoarafushi sewerage system would be on August and that the next step was for the government to evaluate the tender offers.