President Mohamed Nasheed has said that honour and integrity must be earned through one’s own deeds and words. He made this statement in his radio address to the nation which was broadcast on the Voice of Maldives at 7.15 this morning.

He said, “the government will not lose its authority. Its integrity and honour will not diminish. Integrity, honour, authority and majesty cannot be bought, and nor can we gain them through mere legislation.”

In his radio address, the President also focused on the history of the Maldives’ efforts for independence and sovereignty.

He said after a shifting political history, the Maldives gained independence from the British on 26 July 1965.

President Nasheed paid tribute to the role of former President Ibrahim Nasir, who was the then Prime Minster of the Maldives, in securing independence for the Maldives. He said President Nasir was the main architect behind the Maldives’ efforts for independence.

President Nasheed also expressed gratitude for all those who had worked with President Nasir in those efforts.

Recalling that yesterday was Martyrs Day, the President paid tribute to Sultan Kalaafaanu who was martyred some 400 years ago.

Also, highlighting that 25th July will be the 20th anniversary of Kalaafaanu School, the President said that a copy of a historical manuscript – dating back to the same period – to build and maintain a mausoleum for Sultan Kalaafaanu in Hangn’aameedhoo would be on display at Kalaafaanu School.

The manuscript was found among documents at the President’s Office.