Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has called for concerted effort from parents and schools to protect our youth from the scourge of drugs, and keep our schools away from the menace.

Speaking at a function to mark the second anniversary of Ghaazee School, last evening, Dr Waheed reiterated his belief that drug menace was the biggest issue the country faced today. He urged the management, teachers, parents and the students of Ghaazee School to keep its doors closed on drugs.

Furthermore, Dr Waheed spoke on the importance of discipline and proper manners. He said, since learning discipline and manners was learning to live in the society, we should work to ensure that each student had learned proper discipline.

At the function, Principal of Ghaazee School, Mr Hussain Saeed Mohamed presented the second anniversary commemorative plaque to the Vice President.

Vice President and his wife also attended the art exhibition organised on the occasion of the school’s second anniversary.