President Mohamed Nasheed has said that cooperation of members of the People’s Majlis is necessary to speedily conclude the Decentralisation Bill. He made this statement at a function held this afternoon to officially open the North Province Office at Felivaru of Faadhippolhu atoll.

Noting that the majority of people want a decentralised government, the President said that the bill was drawn-up in consultation with the people. He further called on all political parties to set aside their political differences, but to show bipartisanship and resort to deliberation.

Stating that it would not be viable in the country’s economy to have 20 administrative centres, the President added that the government’s agenda was to discuss with the opposition parties and to proceed with views.

The President also called on all political parties to maintain democratic principles in nominating candidates. He also expressed his hope that qualified candidates would be nominated for the atoll and island councils.