President Mohamed Nasheed has participated in a special assembly held this morning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kalaafaanu School.

Speaking at the assembly, the President noted that the name of the school represented a great national hero. He spoke on the martyrdom of Kalaafaanu during the struggle against Malabar invaders. The President observed that Kalaafaanu was widely respected and held in high esteem by the people.

Addressing the students, the President encouraged them to work hard and to aim higher.
On his arrival at the school, the President was greeted by the Minister of Education Dr Musthafa Luthfee, senior officials of the Education Ministry, Principal of Kalaafaanu School Naazleen Wafir, senior management of the school and members of the PTA.

At the assembly, the President launched a booklet on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Kalaafaanu School. Also, a commemorative token was presented to the President on behalf of the school by school principal Naazleen Wafir. The President also took part in cutting the anniversary cake and watched some dance items by the students.

During his visit to Kalaafaanu School, the President toured the school and met with the students.

The Kalaafaanu School was opened on 25 July 1989.