As part of his visit to the UK, President Mohamed Nasheed has met with Richard Lapthorne, Chairman of Cable & Wireless; Tim Smith, Chief Executive and Co Founder of Eden Project; and, Naz Bashir, Managing Director of Ultra Green Resorts Ltd.

Speaking at three separate meetings held yesterday, the President briefed them on the investments opportunities available in the Maldives. He also stressed the priority the Maldives attaches to greener technologies.

The President also met with Robin Gwynn, UK’s Climate Security Envoy for Vulnerable Countries.
Discussions were focused at the meeting on the impact of climate change on vulnerable countries such as the Maldives. They also spoke on the need for an effective international agreement at Copenhagen which will massively cut emissions of the gases that cause climate change and prevent average global temperatures from rising.

President Nasheed briefed Mr Gwynn on the measures the government was taking to tackle environmental problems faced by the Maldives.

Mr Gwynn congratulated the Maldives for its plan to become world’s first carbon neutral country. He also assured that he would support and assist the Maldives in this endeavour.