Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has arrived in Male’ this morning after concluding his visit to the United States.

During his visit, Dr Waheed met with US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, where he briefed the Secretary on issues of concern to the Maldives such as consolidation of democracy, the effects of climate change in the Maldives.

The Vice President also visited the United Nations Headquarters and met with United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. At the meeting Dr Waheed briefed the Secretary-General on the Maldives’ efforts to lessen the impact of LDC graduation to ensure a smooth transition phase.

At the UN headquarters, Vice President also delivered a keynote speech for an interactive thematic dialogue entitled, “Energy Efficiency Energy Conservation and New Renewable Sources of Energy”.

As part of his tour to the US, Dr Waheed also met with Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and discussed establishing a partnership between California and the Maldives in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit.