Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef has met with the members of the GA. Dhaandhoo Island Council to address the critical developmental needs of the island. The meeting was held at the President's Office this morning.

During the meeting, Council members conveyed the urgency of providing essential services for the newly reclaimed area, easing the process of building homes in the plots allocated for housing, expediting development projects, and seeking avenues for restarting halted projects. Council members also highlighted the need to develop health and education sector resources and discussed other economic and social development areas.

Speaking at the meeting, the Vice President underscored President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's commitment to addressing the nation's financial challenges. The Administration closely monitors all developmental efforts, ensuring that critical projects are managed effectively in line with the President's developmental vision.

The Vice President further encouraged a proactive developmental mindset within the council and assured them that their concerns would be promptly addressed through relevant Government channels.