President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, upon recommendation from the Cabinet, has decided to submit the text of the Samoa Agreement with the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) to the Parliament for approval.

The decision was made following discussions on a paper submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during yesterday's Cabinet meeting.

The Samoa Agreement is the overarching framework for EU relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. It focuses on six key priority areas to tackle the main challenges over the next two decades. These priorities include human rights, democracy, and governance; peace and security; human and social development; inclusive, sustainable economic growth and development; environmental sustainability and climate change; and migration and mobility.

By signing the agreement and becoming a full member of the OACPS, the Maldives would be able to access the opportunities provided by the European Union across different sectors more easily. These opportunities would also lead to better prices for Maldivian fisheries products when exported internationally.