President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has decided to organise an exhibition aimed at boosting the country's productivity and fostering economic growth. The decision was made following deliberations on a paper submitted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to the Cabinet on Sunday.

Following deliberations at Sunday's Cabinet Meeting, it was resolved to hold an exhibition named the 'Dhivehinge Ufehdhuntherikamuge Maurazu' in May 2025 to increase productivity and expand business in the nation.

The Cabinet further decided that the exhibition will be contested in various fields, including the creative economy district, the digital and innovative district, the entertainment district, and the marketplace district. It was also decided that the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Business Centre Corporation (BCC) would jointly organise and run the exhibition.

In addition, to ensure the robust annual continuation of the exhibition, the President made significant decisions during Sunday's Cabinet meeting after discussing with the Ministers.

The President decides to build 'Isravvehinge Hiyaavahi' in Addu City

Upon the Cabinet's recommendation, the President has decided to establish an "Isravvehinge Hiyaavahi" facility in Addu City, Feydhoo. This facility will aim to provide quality services to nurture an environment where senior citizens in need of care, due to lack of family support, can spend the rest of their lives happy and content. The decision was made following deliberations on a paper submitted by the Ministry of Social and Family Development to the Cabinet yesterday.

Following the President's decision, the Government will implement a programme rewarding points to individuals who live with or care for senior citizens in newly established housing schemes, allowing families to live with seniors. President Dr Muizzu additionally resolved to amend the laws and regulations protecting the rights of senior citizens.