The members of the visiting Mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has called on President Mohamed Nasheed.

In the meeting held at the President’s Office this afternoon, Chief of Mission Mr Jeremy Carter briefed the President on the mission’s findings on the current status of the Maldives economy. He also briefed the President on the recommendations of the mission to improve and stabilise the country’s economy.

Speaking at the meeting, the President thanked the IMF’s contribution to the country’s development. He further spoke of global economic slowdown and the need for the government to take strategic measures to reduce the economic constraints.

During the meeting, Mr Carter noted the challenges faced by the Maldivian Government, in providing basic services to the people during this period of global economic downturn.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Mr Ali Hashim; Governor of MMA, Mr Fazeel Najeeb; and, Finance Secretary at the President’s Office, Mr Ahmed Mausoom.