President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has declared Naifaru as one of the seven urban centres slated for development by the Administration. The President made these remarks while addressing the residents of Lh.Naifaru today.

Speaking at the meeting, the President emphasised the crucial need for sustainable development in the Maldives. He outlined the Government's master plan to establish seven urban centers, each dedicated to delivering high-quality services sustainably to all citizens.

The President detailed the comprehensive scope of the urban centers, encompassing critical aspects of the healthcare sector, and offering diverse therapy services. He also highlighted plans to elevate the education system to the highest standards and improve road infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive development across all sectors.

During the meeting, President Dr Muizzu acknowledged that a prior land expansion project in Naifaru had not met residents' expectations. He assured that the current Administration's project would successfully conclude with the acquisition of 45 hectares of land, aligning with the aspirations of Naifaru's residents. He emphasized the substantial community benefits that would result from this endeavour.

Naifaru is the third destination of the President's ongoing visit to Faadhippolhu Atoll today.