President Dr Mohamed Muizzu stated that this Administration will find a permanent solution to the housing problem in Hinnavaru. The President made the remarks while speaking with the people of Faadhippolhu Hinnavaru this evening.

During the meeting, the President emphasized the initiation of various infrastructure projects, in addition to addressing housing needs. These include plans for road construction and port enhancements, along with ensuring the provision of essential utilities this year, such as water, electricity, and sanitation in the newly reclaimed areas of Hinnavaru.

Asserting the importance of every citizen, President Dr Muizzu affirmed his commitment to equality among all Maldivians, irrespective of political ideologies. He highlighted that an individual's political perspectives carry no weight in his considerations.

Furthermore, the President commited to providing equal attention to every community, regardless of population size, ensuring the fulfillment of pending projects and upholding the rights of all citizens.

Hinnavaru is the second destination that the President has visited as part of his ongoing visit to Faadhippolhu Atoll today.