President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has met with the Madduvari Council and the Women's Development Committee (WDC) to explore and address the island's most crucial developmental needs. The meeting was held at the M. Dhiggaru Health Center today.

During the meeting, the council underscored the significance of protecting the island's eroding areas, establishing a safe island harbour, overcoming challenges related to limited space at the school, and the absence of permanent doctors at the island's health center. The discussoins also delved into revenue-generating initiatives, the need for a comprehensive waste disposal system, and the impact of power shortages on residents.

During the meeting, the President addressed the council's concerns and inquired about their requirement for a safe island harbour. Additionally, extensive discussions were conducted regarding the waste management issue raised by the Maduvvari Council. He also provided the latest updates on the issues raised by the Council through the Cabinet Ministers and senior Government officials present.