President Dr Mohamed Muizzu stated that the development of seventy-five housing units in Dhiggaru is set to commence this year. He made these remarks at the meeting with the residents of Dhiggaru Island today.

The President highlighted that alongside the harbour development, essential actions will be taken to ensure basic amenities such as water and sanitation on reclaimed land, and incorporating road construction, to realize the comprehensive plans for island development. The President underscored the recent initiatives undertaken by the current Government to tackle economic challenges and bolster revenue streams.

Emphasizing the Government's commitment to creating opportunities for citizens to accumulate wealth, the President pointed out that permitting the local Councils to acquire islands for economic benefits, either within or outside its jurisdiction, aligns with this objective. Additionally, he mentioned the inclusion of more islands in the list available for such applications, along with an extension of the lease duration from 10 to 25 years as per the Government gazette. This modification aims to provide enhanced opportunities for businesses across various sectors to operate on these islands.