President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the Administration's utmost priority is to ensure the self sufficiency of the people, enabling them to achieve their full potential. He made these remarks while meeting with the residents of Meedhoo Island in North Maalhosmadulu Atoll today.

Addressing the gathering, the President expressed his aspiration for every Maldivian citizen to prosper and attain wealth during his term. He outlined his commitment to ensuring the citizens’ well-being through stable incomes, affluence, housing security, social fulfilment, child-rearing triumph, and preserving an independent, sovereign, and self-reliant nation.

In highlighting the Administration's commitment to economic development, the President underscored the allocation of an uninhabited island to each local council. He clarified that councils could request islands not necessarily in close geographical proximity, aligning with their specific economic objectives.
The President further stated that the Administration intends to allocate these islands to the councils for 25 years.

Speaking at the gathering, the President outlined the Administration's developmental vision for Meedhoo Island. This included land reclamation projects, the establishment of a hospital, and the expansion of harbour development tailored to the population's needs. The President also reassured the Administration's commitment to addressing additional needs expressed by the residential community.