President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has said that the government will pay close attention to the development of the infrastructure in Holhumeedhoo, which is designated as part of Holhudhoo Island. The President made these remarks while addressing the residents of Holhudhoo today, as part of his current visit to several islands in Haa Alif, Haa Dhaalu, Shavyani and Noonu atolls.

The President reassured his commitment to make every necessary effort for the development of the island. He proceeded to state that the ongoing harbor project would be implemented with the residents' desired modifications. Regarding the harbour initiative, the President highlighted the optimization of land reclamation to its maximum feasible capacity. Additionally he emphasized the expansion of the current road development project, including the long-delayed water sanitation project, to encompass more roads.

In his speech, the President highlighted the 75-year history and esteemed legacy of Meyna School while affirming plans for its development. Furthermore, he annoucned the establishment of a university campus in Holhudhoo, complete with a hostel, to meet the residents' aspirations for higher education.