President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with the members of the HA. Ihavandhoo Island Council and the Women's Development Committee (WDC). The meeting was held at Ihavandhoo School.

At the meeting, council members raised several critical issues and priorities. These included the urgent requirement for an integrated waste management system on the island, seamlessly connected to the national waste management policy. Additionally, they emphasized expediting the hospital project, addressing road construction needs, installing revetments, initiating housing projects, establishing a campus for higher education, upgrading banking and electricity network services, and creating sporting facilities on the island.

At the meeting, members of the WDC expressed their optimism regarding the new Administration. They strongly encouraged the President to diligently fulfill the Presidential pledges made for the island. Additionally, they formally requested that the President prioritize the enhancement of health services on the island.

During the meeting, the President assured that all pledges made for the island would be duely implemented. Additionally, he shared the plan for resolving the issues raised by the council members, reassuring them that he would put in every effort to address these concerns. Furthermore, the ministerial delegation accompanying the President briefed the council members on the latest updates of the island’s projects, and reiterated the Administration’s commitment to addressing the issues raised during the meeting.