President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has pledged to propose a legislative amendment to facilitate allowances requested by the Women's Development Committee (WDCs). He made the remarks while speaking with the residents of Fuvahmulah City at the GN. Atoll Education Centre.

At the meeting, the President stated that the current legislation prevents the allocation of allowances, such as the Ramadan allowance, to the WDCs. He added that Fuvahmulah City's health services are subpar and that the Administration would establish a comprehensive tertiary hospital on the island.

The President additionally stated that three locations would be allocated for beachgoers and swimmers during shore protection efforts. He also revealed that the new harbour would be developed to serve multiple purposes in alignment with the people’s aspirations.

Emphasising the commencement of the second phase of road development, the President stated that this would be the beginning of projects to develop roads in all cities nationwide. The project commenced today in Fuvahmulah City and will see the development of 12 kilometres of road.

The President elaborated on the recent change permitting the inclusion of uninhabited islands within council jurisdiction. The President said that the Administration is committed to identifying and allocating an uninhabited island for Fuvahmilah City to enhance the city’s economic prospects.