His Excellency Yoweri Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda,
Distinguished Heads of State and Government of NAM,
Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentlemen.

On behalf of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the Government and the people of the Maldives, allow me to extend sincere congratulations to you, Mr President, on assuming the role as Chair of the Non-Aligned Movement.

We are confident that under your able leadership, our Movement will indeed work towards “shared global affluence”. I also thank you for the warm hospitality extended to my delegation and I, in this beautiful and vibrant city of Kampala.

Let me express my appreciation to President of Azerbaijan, for chairing NAM through an extremely challenging period over the past four years.

Mr Chair,

Humanity is at a crossroads.

On the one hand, we see the unparalleled advancements made by humankind. Be it technology, art, science, or politics - we continue to witness real, tangible progress. Progress that has made the world more prosperous.

Yet, the flipside of the coin tells a different story. The same world that boasts progress is also paralysed with conflict and calamity. Societies are enveloped by uncertainty, friction, and fear, natural and man-made disasters.

This moment itself serves as a reminder of the contrasting realities we live in.

As we speak, there is a dire humanitarian crisis unravelling miles away, in Gaza. Thousands of innocent lives are being lost. The Maldives strongly condemns the deliberate acts of aggression by the Israeli forces against innocent Palestinian civilians.

These attacks are a flagrant violation of the Genocide Convention. We welcome the application by South Africa before the International Court of Justice requesting to declare that Israel is in breach of the Genocide Convention. Together, we must continue, and intensify calls for an immediate ceasefire and a permanent solution for peace. And establish a sovereign and independent State of Palestine, based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Mr Chair,

The existing international order is in peril. We cannot attribute this solely to traditional threats.

Today, global peace and security are threatened by emerging threats such as terrorism, violent extremism, and organized crime. The weapons, and those who wield them, may have changed. But not the underlying objectives of their use and conduct.

The perpetrators do not respect sovereignty. They don’t follow the rules of engagement. And they do not care about collateral damage.

Threats such as climate change do not recognise borders. We, the developing countries, are the worst affected. We, the developing countries, have the least resources to overcome those effects. This is why we, the developing countries, must lead the way in driving stronger climate action. And chart a path towards a prosperous future. We at NAM must do more to deepen cooperation and counter these new and emerging threats.

It requires us to forge collaboration and unity amidst an array of diverging ideals and norms. The Maldives has always believed in in international cooperation. This has always been our biggest strength – unity in diversity.

This is why we must work together. To revitalize the United Nations and to reform the Security Council. To promote peaceful coexistence and dialogue. For small States like mine, these goals are our best guarantor of security. It is our key to survival. The Maldives will work with all Member States of NAM to ensure a peaceful, stable, and prosperous future for all.

Mr. Chair, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Non-Aligned Movement has a vital role to play in guaranteeing peace, shared affluence, prosperity and security through international cooperation and integration. This Movement must continue to adapt to the ever-changing global dynamics, and make our world a place where hope triumphs fear; where peace triumphs conflict; and resilience triumphs vulnerability.

I thank you.