President Dr Mohamed Muizzu met with the Island Council and Women's Development Committee (WDC) of Hirilandhoo Island in the Kolhumadulu Atoll. The meeting was held at the Fenaka office at Vandhoo.

During the meeting, the council members communicated the island community's most pressing concerns and needs. They relayed the difficulties caused by the halting of developmental projects, highlighting the land reclamation project.

The council further requested the implementation of a water sanitation system before the holy month of Ramadan. The council members additionally highlighted the urgent issues with the island allocated in the budget.

The Hirilandhoo Women's Development Committee also shared their concerns and needs with the President. They emphasised that the health services on the island were in disarray.

In response to the concerns raised during the meeting, President Dr Muizzu assured that the relevant government ministries would collaborate closely with the council to find mutually agreeable solutions. On this trip, the President is accompanied by a delegation of high-level Government officials.