President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has pledged to implement all planned development activities for Dhiyamigili Island in Kolhumadulu Atoll. The President made the pledge while speaking with the resident community of Dhiyamigili Island.

In his speech, the President assured the resumption of all halted and planned projects for the island. However, citing the nation’s current economic position, the President called upon the residential community to work alongside the relevant Government offices to prioritise their developmental needs in order of significance and stated that most of the developmental projects could be initiated within the year. He added that likewise, the causeway project could be brought to fruition.

The President stated that the Administration fulfilled its pledges for the upto week 9 of the Administration's 'Hafuthaa 14' roadmap and that the Administration will continue to complete all pledges.

A high-level government delegation accompanies President Dr Muizzu on his three-day tour to the Kolhumadulu Atoll.