Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef unveiled the special procedure by which out-of-service health professionals can reintegrate into active service through the wage employment process today. The procedure, unveiled at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Health, streamlines the reintegration process and bypasses traditional employment procedures.

This initiative is a key component of President Dr Muizzu’s Administration’s “Hafuthaa 14” roadmap. The special procedure is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health and the Civil Service Commission (CSC), allowing for the creation of a registered pool of out-of-service health professionals. These professionals can be swiftly reintegrated into the workforce under the wage employment policy based on their educational qualifications, experience, and skillset, bypassing the time-consuming traditional employment procedures.

The procedure facilitates the return of experienced health professionals to active service and leverages their expertise to enhance the existing healthcare system. It aims to design a primary healthcare service, bringing uninterrupted service closer to the people. Furthermore, this procedure allows for the recruitment of qualified retired healthcare workers into administrative positions, even if they are not registered in the registry pool.