President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has officially inaugurated 'Ras Malé', marking the commencement of the nation's most extensive land reclamation project ever undertaken. The commencement of the Ras Malé project was held at Fushi Dhiggaru Lagoon this evening.

First Lady Sajidha Mohamed, Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef, and his spouse, Aishath Afreen Mohamed, accompanied the President at the inaugural function.

Highlighting that the city developed as Ras Malé at Fushi Dhiggaru Lagoon would result in the reclamation of 1,153 hectares of land, the President reaffirmed his pledge to complete the project within eight months of commencement.

The alleviation of the housing crisis in the Malé region is one of the key pledges of this Administration. The President has proposed a strategic solution to this issue through the reclamation and subsequent development of Fushi Dhiggaru Lagoon as a city. Upon successful completion, the Fushi Dhiggaru lagoon reclamation would generate a land mass approximately three times the cumulative area of the two phases of Hulhumale' becoming the nation's most extensive land reclamation project ever undertaken. Speaking at the function, the President stated that after addressing pressing national matters, his paramount focus is resolving the housing crisis. In that regard, the President expressed his strategic vision for developing urban centres and establishing integrated development zones in the country's northern and southern regions to address housing issues by providing planned, systematic housing solutions for the entire populace. He also disclosed that favourable eases, such as affordable construction loans, would soon ensue.

The President announced that an additional 85 hectares from Gulhi Falhu with a bridge connection and 50 hectares from Giraavaru Falhu would be reclaimed to resolve the housing crisis in the Malé region. The President noted that the cumulative effort totalling 65,000 housing plots or flats would resolve the housing issue in the area. In addition, the President emphasised that he plans to extend housing eligibility in the Malé region to residents from across the Maldives.

President Dr Muizzu revealed that the ferry network connecting Malé to Ras Malé would entail modern express speed boats.

The President also emphasised plans to construct an airstrip connected to Ras Malé near Fushi Dhiggaru, ensuring it would not disrupt the operations at Velana International Airport. The President envisioned Ras Malé prospering by expanding trade and revenue and creating employment opportunities.

The President laid out his strategic plan to commence reclamation works in Fushi Dhiggaru within a 30-day period at the unveiling function of the new clock tower in the Maafannu ward on November 18, 2023. The President noted that today marked the end of the 30 days and emphasised the Administration's commitment to following through on its promises.